Tag Heuer Women's Watches ON Sale - The Perfect Gift For Someone Special

Tag Heuer Women's Watches ON Sale - The Perfect Gift For Someone Special

Tag Heuer Women's Watches ON Sale - I work as a watch sales consultant and can give you some ideas of what type of watches that you can buy for the lucky one.

First let's divide in ages and genders:

Boys and girls, age 15-23 years: At this age it's no point of giving your young ones a really expensive watch and I guess you probably don't want your kid walking around with a $10 000 watch anyway. That can be a bit risky since they sometimes it's not always careful about expensive products. For boys it's a good idea to give them a watch that is very robust and can sustain for everyday use. A water resistant watch from 100m with a solid case and stainless steel bracelet is a good start level for a watch. A good example is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 quartz watch is suitable for that age.

Girls are usually in to watches that have more of a fashionable style and that look good with their rings and necklaces they use. If they like to wear bling a watch with sapphire crystal stones or a few diamonds can be a good idea. Does she like to wear gold and silver? Why not then buy her a 2 tone watch with gold and stainless steel. 
Middle aged men and women up to 45 years old.

A lot of middle aged men are especially interested in the features of the watch and like a watch that is mechanical and have a modern design. A good example is the Omega Seamaster collection. Choose a automatic watch, which means that the watch will self wind when you move it. Both classic and modern design is considerable for this group.

Women also like modern and classic style of the watch, but they are less interested in having a mechanical watch and rather want a battery watch they don't have to wind up. A lot of watches for this group have a wide range from sporty to a more fashion and classic watches. It's a wide range for women in this age and you have to choose carefully to find the right one.

Elder men and women 45+ years old 
For men in this group is a good idea to choose a watch that has a more traditional look. Either like Longines or Omega. Leather strap watches is also a bit more popular compared to the other groups. They often like watches that's been around for a while and have a history. An example is the Omega Speedmaster moonwatch that was the first watch used by astronauts in space. Another example is the TAG Heuer Monaco which was and still is promoted by Steve McQueen.

Women in this age usually like the traditional style and don't mind gold watches or 2 tone gold and stainless steel. A watch with a white face, perhaps mother of pearl and roman numerals is a safe path to go. And they also usually like small or medium sized watches. A big watch is not a usual watch they want.

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