Tag Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star Price - Class on Every Occasion Now Affordable For You - Introducing a Chic Diamond F1

Tag Heuer Link Lady Diamond Star Price - Class on Every Occasion Now Affordable For You - Introducing a Chic Diamond F1

Tag Ladies Watch - Surprisingly to some people, there are many Tag Ladies Watch varieties to choose from. From the sporty look to extremely glamorous, true ladies Tag Watch, there is one to suit almost every taste and every occasion.

When I first owned my own Tag Formula 1 watch, never did I ever imagine that Tag Heuer had such a huge range of ladies watches in circulation also. All are very feminine, with their own personality, but all carry the tradition and style of a Tag F1 watch.

With the logo proudly placed just above the centre of the clock face, it is easy to identify a Tag Heuer of any make and model. Everything about these ladies edition watches, just embraces strength along with elegance at the same time, which is appealing to the sports minded woman, as-well as the lady looking for something with that special wow factor.

A certain famous tennis star has added her name to the Tag Formula 1 ladies collection, once a Wimbledon and U.S. Open champion now acts as an ambassador. Which is not surprising really, as Tag Heuer continues to move with the changing times of the modern world.

This success with the Tag Formula 1 ladies range has seen most of them beautifully made with a diamond bezel, surrounding the main clock face, which just sets the tone for the rest of its stunning features.

Though all of them are very lady orientated, most come with a built to last collision proof guarantee. Because they are made from stainless steel which is used on the under belly of the clock face, bezel and wrist straps of the Tag ladies formula 1 watches as standard.

Not all come with a link stainless steel wrist band, but this is because of the sports orientated product in mind. This makes the watch more comfortable to wear as the owner may use this watch during physical sporting activities. Again, Tag Heuer have thought of every possible occasion for wearing a Tag watch.

Some even come with diamonds encrusted on every 5 minute hand of the clock face, which is a nice touch and good attention to detail, which complements the rest of the watch.

All come with a scratch resistant face cover for peace of mind if you are going to wear your Tag watch during any sporting activity or anything else that may cause possible contact damage.

Can be worn when in contact with water based features around the home as all come with a water resistant feature. Some of them capable up to 660 feet making these watches almost capable of tackling anything that is thrown at them.

So if you are a busy keep fit fanatic, or a more girl about town glamour lady. The Tag Formula 1 ladies editions cater for every type of taste, all with beauty, prestige and character all of their own.

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