Tag Heuer Formula 1 Womens - Outrageous Styling Or Stunning Timepiece - Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Womens - Outrageous Styling Or Stunning Timepiece - Tag Heuer Formula 1 Watches

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Womens - Built mainly for the individual who has overcome money issues, the Tag timepieces are stunning designs that find great appeal in the world of luxurious watches. The unique craftsmanship designs in place on each timepiece shows why they have been widely accepted in the watch industry.

Among the lot of Tag timepieces with ground breaking successes is the formula 1 collections. These timepieces were originally fashioned for formula one race cars but they have found a place in both men and women fashion dress codes. Most notable of the formula 1 series for men are TAG Heuer Men Formula 1 Chronograph Watches (model numbers CAH1110.BA0850, CAH1112.BA0850, WAH1111.BA0850, CAH101A.BA0854, WAH111B.BA0850 ).

The look of the formula 1 chronograph watches and the additional features are stunning and unique. If You enjoy simple dresses like regular T-Shirts or professional attires like suits and sleeves, then you might find these timepieces attractive because they are suited for almost all dress occasions.

If you are going for a first time Tag buy, a Tag Heuer formula 1 watch will be a great purchase. There is no need to be worried about the genuineness of these products (if you bought them though reputable sources). They are Grade A authentic timepieces that are packaged in beautiful Tag boxes and cases, making them great gift ideas to your loved ones. Although a lot of people feel skeptical about purchasing an expensive timepiece online because of the knock-offs and replicas that deceives lots of online shoppers, some reputable companys like amazon.com, eBay, jomashop and a host of others still provide shoppers with the right stuff. Although amazon is not an official distributor of Tag Heuer their 2yr warranty matches that of the Tag company.

The Tag Heuer formula 1 Timepieces are very stylish, perfect for casual get-ups and very sporty. Without shouting bling the Tag Heuer formula 1 watch collections are elegant timepieces built for everyday wear. You can't go wrong with a Tag Formula 1. The TAG Heuer Men Formula 1 Chronograph Watch (model number CAH1110.BA0850) is a very good example of a watch that has broken grounds in the history of watch making. This watch boast of a Tag Heuer Authentic swiss quartz movement responsible for high level of accuracy( accurate to 1/1000th of a second). The scratch-resistant titanium carbide is coated with undirectional bezel. The luminescent hands and makers are covered by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that are 3 times harder than mineral crystals, this gives the surface an unusual hardness that resist the toughest of scratches.

The chronograph functionality of these watches works to time the 30-minute 60-second and 1/10th of a second. The sub-dials are located at the 2,6 and 10 hour markers. The date functions are located at the 4 and 3 hour markers.Coming with a unique diving extension, this timepiece is water resistant to 200M.

Ideal for most athletes, you need not worry yourself much about collisions because these watches have been tested and trusted. If you are looking to purchase a quality luxurious timepiece online go for the Tag Heuer Brand. You won't regret it.

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